• Build the chassis
  • Program movement of legs using Android Studio
  • Possible ideas for intake system
  • Traction
  • Idea to release climbers

Members of 3820

  • Evan Weiss - Team Leader
  • Brandon Irving - Assistant Team Leader
  • Tolu Ogunsakin - Web designer
  • Nancy Quan - Web Designer/ Builder
  • Allen Santmier - Builder
  • Raneem Soufi - 3D Modeler
  • Ramez Khoja
  • Jarod Miller - Builder
  • Chloe Caday- Builder/ Spirit Leader
  • Sam Kim


Evan Weiss

I’m Evan Weiss. I am a junior at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology, home of the Robodragons. I am 3820 Gold Robodragon’s Team Leader. I’ve been in the robotics club for 2 years, this year being my third, and my loyalty and hard work to the club has payed off and I have reached my goal of being Team Leader! I’m going to focus on helping the team build, stay on task with the logbook, and spirit while my Assistant Team Leader helps the team with the other areas.

Brandon Irving

I am Brandon Irving, a Junior at GSMST and the Assistant Team Leader of 3820. This is my third year participating in FTC robotics and my first year involved competitively in robotics. I enjoy being apart of a team especially with individuals as talented as the ones I have the opportunity to work with this year. This club has allowed me to challenge my inner creativity and personal dream to become a mechanical engineer. In my free time, I like to play League of Legends, listen to all different genres of music, and research developments in our constantly changing world. I look forward to having a great year being on 3820.

Tolu Ogunsakin
Hi I’m Tolu. I am a member of the FTC robotics team. I am a freshman at GSMST. I love to play basketball. Being on the FTC team is very fun. This is obviously my first year. I don’t know much about robotics but I hope that joining FTC will give me the experience of robotics that I need. I have A.D.D. I can sometimes lose focus on the task at hand and just doze off somewhere. It can be hard because I am at one of the best schools in the nation but I’ll get through it. I like to push myself to the limit sometimes, but other times I am really lazy. I came here for a purpose and that purpose was to change my habits and become that brand new person that is well prepared for the rest of his life. Other than than that I am a hard core gamer,and I like to watch the show Empire.

Nancy Quan

Hello, I’m Nancy. I’m attending GSMST as a freshman and joined FTC Team 3820. My hobbies consist of daydreaming, reading, and searching for new hobbies that goes forgotten in the world where forgotten places go. I enjoy doing puzzles and staring at the art people have so kindly placed online. This year is the first I have been in robotics, so I hope to learn lots and lots and lots and lots about programming and assembling a robot. If I knock over something or break a part, please blame my dear lack of experience. I hope to change it this year.

Allen Santmier

Hey, I’m Allen. This is my freshman year at GSMST and my first year in team 3820 of FTC. My interests include spending all of my money on PC gaming, java programming, and, of course, robotics. When not doing one of the aforementioned activities, I spend my time surfing the internet. This being my first year in FTC, and in robotics in general, I hope to learn more about robotics and engineering. Overall, I hope to have a great time in robotics this year and contribute to my team!

Raneem Soufi

Hey, I’m Raneem. I’m currently a freshman at GSMST and it is currently my first year doing robotics, and I am a part of FTC team 3820. Usually, I stay up late doing homework or studying, but in my free time, I’m often on Netflix or playing Minecraft with my friends or younger sister. I also like playing RPG games on my phone or computer when I have time. Other times, I play every single song I know on piano to either relieve boredom or stress. I don’t know much about robotics, but this year I plan to change that. I plan on coming to almost every robotics meeting I can this year to gain experience for now and the future.

Jarod Miller

Hey, I’m Jarod, and I’m a freshman at GSMST. I am in my first year of FTC robotics, and I’m in FTC Gold team 3820. I did one year of FLL robotics in fifth grade. When I’m not doing homework, I am probably planning a scout meeting, camping, working out as a black belt in Choi Kwang Do, or speaking Spanish. I plan on coming to every meeting to gain experience in this field because I find it fun. I am very good at fabricating ideas into Autodesk Inventor and then into reality. I plan on learning how to code and help build the final robot.

Chloe Caday

I’m Chloe Caday. I am a freshman at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology, home of the Robodragons. I am a member of 3820 Gold Robodragon in FTC. I chose robotics because I find that I’m quite fond of the area. I’d like to learn more about programming and how a robot exactly works. In my free time, I watch Netflix and draw. I’ve done three different types of martial arts: Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and Japanese Karate. I play the flute, piano, and guitar, and I can also solve a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 Rubik’s Cube. Things I’d like to learn from this club are coding and how to build parts according to what they’re intended purpose is.

Sam Kim

Hello my name is Sam Kim. I'm a freshman at GSMST and a new member of 3820. I like watching YouTube videos and play videogames. I also like playing soccer. I’m kind of awkward to people I don't really know but I'm a pretty cool guy if you know me well (I think). I joined robotics because I have always liked robots since I was a little boy.