VEX Robotics Competition

Nothing but net field

Our VEX Robotics division has worked very hard since its establishment to not only educate its own members but also the community around them. Since then they have set up a VEX Program at Couch Middle School and have helped other middle schools advance to the next level of competition. VEX has also evolved to become the most popular robotics program at our school with 7 different teams. There are also a numerous amount VEX Classroom kits that are used for instructional purposes during our robotics class. The VEX program at our school has greatly grown over the past few years and our teams have been very successful bringing home trophies from nearly every competition. All VEX teams are greatly involved in the community through local outreach programs to other robotics clubs in Gwinnett County.

Our Vex Teams for 2018 – 2019 VEX Turning Point Competition- Click a team to view more info!


VEX Turning Poing Challenge


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