• Charlie Grier (Team Leader)
  • Trent Johnson (Assistant Team Leader)

  • Riley McRae
  • Razat Sutradhar
  • Naveen Thomas
  • Harsha Karanth
  • Phuc Tran
  • Keefe Oentoro
  • Marven Ren
In The Zone Robot

This year in Vex was the In The Zone game. This game is focused on an alliance of 2 robots aiming to stack as many cones as possible. Our bot is capable of fielding, picking up cones in the field, and doing driver load, picking up cones from driver load. We built our bot to be fast. It is extremely light, almost 10lbs, with 6 highspeed motors on the drive. We used the popular roller intake to pick up cones. Out bot can stack up to 15 cones in about 23 seconds.