Robodragons 675E


Our team consists of 5 members now and soon more incoming freshmen as the year gets off to a start. We are planning on competing in many competitions this year to gain practice for the world competition in Kentucky. This year, the game is Nothing but Net where we have to toss foam balls into a net to score points as well as elevate our partner robot 1 foot in the air for bonus points. In the past we have been very successful and plan on going even farther this year. More updates are to come as the year goes on and we attend more tournaments.

We won and stuff… I never really updated it but ya know who looks at it anyways

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  • Richie Adams- Team Leader
  • Sandy Aguilera- Just ATL 😉
  • Nick Kindle
  • Mateo Correa
  • Patrick Federico
  • Manik….. Made him run alot in louisville so ya know he is pretty much on the team i guess


Skyrise– Excellence award (1x), Design award (2x), Tournament champion (6x), GA State Excellence award (1x), GA State finalist (1x), VEX worlds Arts division rank 16 of 90

NBN- we won stuff and went to worlds and stuff

———We apologize in advance for not keeping up the legacy during the 2016-2017 year———-