First Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge has teams of around 10 students who are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. The TETRIX kit is used(including Lego electronics sensors and motors) for building the robot and ROBOTC is used to program it. One of the greatest things that students learn is how to design custom parts from their ideas and create them using our machine shop. During the build season, teams develop strategies and build robots based on sound engineering principles. The build season begins a few weeks into the school year, and this is a benefit of FTC: the season starts a few weeks so newcomers can be focused on the first few weeks and brought up to speed. After that, they will be able to take a very active role on the team. At competitions, judges give teams awards for winning the tournament as well as for community outreach, design, and other accomplishments. Our school has participated in events from Quad Quandary to Hot Shot to Bowled Over since the start of our club and has collected many prestigious awards along our way to success. We attended world last year and seek to continue our excellence.

Check out this year's challenge! First Res-Q!