FRC Home Page
Homepage of the First Robotics Competition.

FRC Technical Resources
You can find fantastic information about wiring electronics, running your pneumatics, writing software, and much more.

Official FRC Forum
This is the official forum for FRC. Many FRC Software and Hardware engineers as well as the game committee will collaborate here to help answer any questions you have throughout the season.

FRC Manual
Headquarter page for the FRC Game and Administrative Manual. If you have not read either the game or admin manual, you should read them now. Read the administrator manual to understand how the tournaments, awards, and field control works. You can also get field drawings here.

STIMS (Student Team Information System)
Team members sign up here so FIRST recognizes you. This is where you can have your parents acknowledge your participation in the program so you don’t have to get them to sign permission forms for each event you go to. This is where you also submit your video and essay for the Chairman's award and other various awards.

FRC Grants Page
Grant applications are filed here. The NASA grant is the most important.

Check this every week for information on GRITS, the Peachtree Regional, etc.

Another forum, separate from the official forum.

Team 358
Some of the best resources that are not available anywhere else. Read through all the technical documentation!


You should be watching the regional competitions every week from the week following bag and tag to the championship. You should be able to find them at either one of these websites.

The Blue Alliance
The best page for stats, team histories, event scores, and live streams of robotics matches with up to 8 simultaneous streams per browser window.

NASA Robotics Alliance
Flash-based web streams of regional competitions.


BAE Systems Grant

National Instruments Grant
Check the webpage for updates on their grant throughout the year.


This is the of FRC Parts. Subscribe to their emails, and check every Tuesday for their Deal of the Day.

They build the best gearboxes and wheels. Their belts and sprockets are not quite as good. Can be bought from Gates.