Wanting to start a school club or camp activity? Starting a robotics program can seem like a daunting challenge. Where do you start? How do you get funding for equipment? How do I learn how to "robot"? Listed here are some guides and resources to help you develop a plan for starting and managing a robotics program.

Educational & Sponsor Resources

VEX IQ - Robotics Platform
These kits are meant for elementary and early middle school programs. It was introduced in 2014, and is meant to be on par with the First Lego League robotics platform (FLL).

Equipment Kits and Pricing:
Visit the VEC IQ Products Page

Robotics Camp Book
VEX IQ Robotics Camp Book

School Course Curriculum
VEX IQ Curriculum

Lego Educational Robotics Resources & Kits
The Lego brand is very well known World wide in the robotics community. Their Mindstorm and EV3 computer controllers have long set the stand in STEM robotics education. The WeDo is a product for early elementary programs.

Lego WeDo
Lego WeDo

Lego EV3 & Midstorm
Lego EV3 & Midstorm Education

Robot Design Tutorials

We have compiled a fact sheet that can help team members and other robotics club members as they try to design different robots. They include information on different drive styles on different lifting mechanisms.

Drive Styles
Lift Mechanism