Co-Team Leaders

  • Razat Sutradhar
  • Marvin Ren

Assistant TLs

  • Ronald George

Team Members

  • Elizabeth Yang
  • Akash Patel
  • Asa Dunn
  • Ziyan Sultan
  • Saket Pawar
  • Emiliano Rosalesramirez
  • Eric Park
  • Gianni Selcis
  • Mustafa Khan
  • Nicholas¬†Vashakidze
  • Olivia Cai
Turning Point Game

This year we are doing Turning Point, a fast pace game where the objective is to flip caps and flags to your team's color. Over the summer we build a rough robot. It consisted of an x-drive, double reverse 4-bar, and a ball launcher. Although not tested in the field, the ball launcher can shoot a ball 18m horizontally and the x-drive will be key to fast aiming for flags in driver control.