Robodragons 675D

Led by junior Team Leader, Arnav Jain, team 675 Delta is coming off of an amazing 2017-2018 season with a State Champion award and a VEX Worlds Appearance. We fight through the struggles of a young team but also embrace the energy and passion of our junior, sophomore, and freshman members. With guidance from GSMST VEX alumni Robbie Nelson and Charlie Grier, as well as a strong connection its six sister teams, GSMST 675 Delta is ready for a fun-filled, successful season.


Arnav Jain (Team Leader) (11)
Ryan Li (Assistant Team Leader) (10)
Sam Shao (10)
JiMin Kim (11)
Vraj Patel (11)
Amaz Ali (11)
Kevin Morales (9)
Yechan Kim (9)
Dhanusai Kantesh (9)
Justin Moonjeli (9)