Robodragons 675F


Past Designs

2014-2015 SKYRISE-

During the Skyrise year, Team-F used a tank drive with four motors. For our lift, we used a scissor lift design with c channels that were unfortunately made out of steel which made the robot heavy.  Employed on the lift were potentiometers that read the degrees rotated value back to the cortex. The intake used a Sprocket sprocket and chain system to intake the 2 cubes to put them on a pole later.



Team Background

GSMST Vex Team 675-F was founded later in the fall of 2014 by Charles Smith, an Assistant Team Leader of 675-A. With him from Team A, he took along Richard Nguyen and Nakul Upadhya, later joined by Robby Nelson from Team C. Charles then chose Satya Jella from Team E to be his Assistant Team Leader. The first year, Team F did not do very well in the beginning competitions, and used a pushbot for most of the competitions, but by the GSMST Qualifier, the team was seeing moderate results. During the Nothing but Net year, Charles and Satya again returned as the team leadership with Robby Nelson and Richard Nguyen.